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Riders of Icarus Ranger

time 01/02/2017

Rangers seem to be the corner stone of a lot of MMORPG’s and a favored class amongst the newer players of a game. And it seems that, with this new class, Riders of Icarus is going to see a new influx of players pretty soon thanks to the Rangers appeal. The class has been awaited for quite some time with hints and designs being dropped all over the place, but we can finally say that the Riders of Icarus Ranger is in our hands. How does playing the Ranger feel and how good is the class compared to other RoI classes? Scroll down to the main meat of the article to find out. Hint, it’s pretty god damn amazing. 

The Ranger

What do you get?

Two Combat Styles – Exclusive to the Ranger are two new combat styles for players to experience and master – long range combat with the bow or close quarters combat with the Vambrace.
Skill Specialisation – Players can also focus their talents on the Vambrace, Bow or Chaos skills – both of which deliver vastly different playstyles. Specialising in the Bow is best for players who enjoy ranged combat while the Vambrace is perfect for experts who desire crowd control skills. Focusing on Chaos brings continuous damage to enemies, the ability to heal allies, and buffs and debuffs to players.

All in all, a good haul for any type of playstyle you would like to have. Just be sure that your bow aim is true… Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Final thoughts.

I must say that I like the Riders of Icarus team’s dedication on this one since releasing a simple ranger class in an MMORPG is pretty easy following the simple pointy shooty formula a lot of MMO’s do for their rangers. Remember go to u7buy.com when you want to buy Riders of Icarus Gold or ROI Power Leveling service. I can safely say that you would enjoy playing the Ranger in Riders of Icarus no matter who you are.

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