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Neverwinter Wonders of Gond

time 01/05/2017

It seems to be such a long time since this little miracle of crafting and creation has disappeared from the world of Neverwinter. But thanks to a lot of whining and complaining we gamers got what we wanted as always, we got content back. Wonders of Gond was a fairly neat little system that was in Neverwinter a long time ago and it allowed you to craft a lot of little gadgets and even mounts for your daily use. Why was it cut? We have no idea but we can finally say for certain. WONDERS OF GOND IS BACK BABY. Neverwinter is finally becoming whole again. 

What is it?

Those who aren’t familiar with the Gond event will need to go around on their usual slaying duties of nearby enemies as you adventure through Neverwinter. From the corpses of said slain foes, will lie Wondrous Grommets for you to collect. These tiny components can be collected to create extraordinary devices by combining the items. The system works similarly to the current refinement system, as players combine Wondrous Grommets in order to create higher tiered items. More refinement points will be required as player’s progress through the item ranks, and require wondrous items such as the Rank 4 Wondrous Gadget, the Rank 2 Wondrous Cog and the Rank 3 Wondrous Sprocket to gain Refinement points.

So when is it back?

COMMENTS The Wonders of Gond is making a return to Neverwinter, starting on Thursday December 8th at 7:30AM PT on PC, followed by console at 10 AM. The event will give players the opportunity to crank out high tiered items, before the event climaxes on Monday, December 12th. Don’t worry if you missed it, go to u7buy.com when you need to buy Neverwinter Astral Diamonds, or want to get cheap zen via purchase Neverwinter Account. Save time and money here.  

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