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Star Wars the Old Republic Knights of the Eternal Throne

time 01/05/2017

Well it seems that SWTOR has reached that point in its 5 year life span that EA has just decided to release everything they can think of in order to please the hungry crowds of gamers. This expansion is a fairly big one and it offers new progression systems, new missions and a new mode called Uprising where you get to fight the opposing side in order to win heaps of really rare loot. All in all, Knights of the Eternal Throne seems good for Star Wars the Old Republic, but let’s find out a bit more.

What do you get?

The story has players taking on the role of the Outlander, and you end up fighting the most powerful family in the ruling Eternal Empire. The expansion also features a new progression system, more challenge modes, and Uprisings, where you and three friends fight enemy factions to earn rare rewards. This seems to be a gift of sorts for the faithful fans of SWTOR since the game has had its anniversary recently and has celebrated it with great success. I for one do actually find this expansion to be a big enough incentive to come back to Star Wars The Old Republic but I can understand if others do not really want to. In the end, you are just left with free content for a good game, what’s not to like?

Anything else?

Nothing really, the update provides substantial story content which I don’t want to reveal here since, you know, spoilers. But I guess that the Star Wars community is going to need a lot of additions in order to recover from the recent tragic events, and no I don’t mean Carrie Fisher’s death I meant the new movie.  In addition, cheap SWTOR Credits and safe SWTOR Power level service are online for your purchase at u7buy.com. Order now and enjoy the best intimate service! 

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