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NBA 2k17 Park After Dark

time 01/04/2017

EA has run into a few problems with the Park After Dark update to NBA 2k17 in that… It was very, very, very bad… and that’s not exaggerating… The content is coming back though and you can enjoy amazing music in NBA 2k17 as you are getting destroyed in PRO-AM by a 12 year old Russian kid that just bought NBA 2k17 that very day. But insulting people aside, this Park After Dark edition for NBA 2k17 seems to be making a lot of promises to already pissed off players. So will it deliver or will it be like… The other one… We can only find out as we read.

Park After Dark for NBA 2k17

The second Park After Dark will take place on Dec. 30 with Future being announced as the guest DJ for that night. The same extras will be included inside Park After Dark including mini-games such as 3-point Shoot-Outs and Dunk Show-off challenges.

This Park After Dark edition seems to focus on live play throughout the country and will not cause any server issues like the last NBA 2k17 Park After Dark event did which even Snoop Dogs DJ skillszizles did not save. Sorry for that one… Had to. Anyway. The event promises to be huge for NBA 2k17 but we can only know what it’s like when it goes live on December the 30th. 

Will you play it?

I know that there has been a lot of disappointment with the last NBA 2k17 Park After Dark event but the promises still stand that this Park After Dark for NBA 2k17 will be… Actually playable. Whether this is true or not we can only see on the 30th of December.  I also know that it’s hard to buy NBA 2K17 MT & NBA 2K17 VC Account, but we are still working hard to get more stock for you. Well… NBA 2k17 is still a good game… and u7buy.com is still a good site also. 

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