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FUT 17 Things You Should Know About Wonderkids

time 01/07/2017

Wonderkids are the safest bet to reaching perfection in FUT 17 and no matter what you do, wonderkids are the best option to go with however you play. Wonderkids are FUT 17’s answer to all star players of other football games and they can sometimes have better stats than some of the superstars everyone is cheering for. But before you get them you must know a bit more about FUT 17 wonderkids which is why this article is prepared for you. 

What you need to know

Of all the players of a potential rating higher than 85, Reece Oxford is the one with the potential to improve the most. 
That being said, age is an important factor here. Whilst younger, lower-Overall players like Oxford might come at a better price, if you can afford more developed players then often it's a safer bet - you might not be fitting in four, five or six seasons into one Career Mode playthrough.
For more instant hits - aside from the highest Overall rated players in FUT 17 – Get those who have current Overall ratings of 82 X3 and 83.
Don't necessarily go straight for the highest-rated potential players. Although it's great if you have the cash, often you're better off doing a little searching around for players at smaller, more cash-strapped clubs outside of the top tier leagues to pick up a bargain. 
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What else?

As weird as it sounds, getting wonderkids in FUT games and especially in FUT 17 is one of the best ways to play the game. They can save you in Career mode and help you when it comes to playing FUT 17. So if you are ever stuck in FUT 17 consider getting a wonderkid by your side. 

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