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Is it worth joining BnS Now?

time 01/08/2017

So you are wondering whether or not to join BnS at this current time? There have been a lot of changes over the years that the game has existed and these might be good or bad depending on your preference. BnS has a lot of great things about it but the question still remains. Is it worth joining BnS now?
So is it?

Servers are stable, bots and spammers have been reduced (but still present).
If you like Martial Arts settings (as far as animal people, bee cannons and anachronistic technology is concerned), responsive gameplay mechanics that hybridize non-tab targeted combat and enjoy the character design aesthetics of Hyung Tae Kim's style then BnS is worth checking out.

The Game is pretty repetitive and the only fun in it is gaining items/outfits and leveling up your gear. It's only fun when you run each dungeon couple of times, then it gets repetitive and boring real fast in your quest to get to endgame gear. Depending on your class, pvp might be fun or it might be hell. 
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All in all, if you truly want to experience a great community and a play an MMORPG that has a martial arts setting then BnS is a great pick. These days there are fewer players in B&S which could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you like your MMORPG to be. BnS has a lot of instances where you might get frustrated at the world but in the end, you might like the game for the time when you are not harassed by a bunch of Polish kids with nothing better to do. 

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