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STO Commanding Tips

time 01/09/2017

Have you had any troubles with commanding in STO and don’t know where to turn to? Well this article has been uploaded here to help you out and make you far better at STO. The community has created a lot of these tips and you have those loving folks to thank for all of this. So if you are ready to become an excellent commander in STO lets go down and see what you need. 


Bridge officers don't gain any abilities or experience from missions- you obtain training manuals and train them in as many abilities as you like. And you can recruit (or buy) more bridge officer slots, as many as you have boff slots.
You'll quickly run out of boff slots, but there's an alternate way to save a crew setup for each ship- set up the ship, crew, and abilities as you want and save a Loadout for that ship (I have no idea where to find the Loadouts screen on a XBox). But using the Loadouts, which probably mostly work right nowadays, you could just share one set of boffs and gear between all of your ships and equip them by pressing one button. It's pretty handy. Well all things will be easier when you have enough STO credits, you could earn some in game or buy credits from a trustworthy site like u7buy.com. 


With this article you will be better at commanding in STO and you can go out and play your game with ease. This STO article has been made by a community member and thusly you can know that it is to be fully trusted. So if you have had any problems with ground combat and commanding in STO I am sure that they will go away after applying the tips in this STO Article. Have fun !

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