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The best goalkeeper on FUT 17

time 01/11/2017

So a weird thing has popped up in the FUT 17 community and that concerns one player. This player has somehow managed to become the best goalkeeper in FUT 17 even though he is not all that of a big shot in the real world. Thanks to a special combination of stats for this player, this FUT 17 goalie has managed to get to the top of the FUT 17 goalie list and the list of famous players in FUT 17. Who is this majestic goalkeeper and what has made him so excellent? Well stick around and find out who this FUT 17 star is. 
Who is he?
ANNNNND HIS NAME IS… Asmir Begović. Fans posit that whilst Begović’s 83 rating isn’t anything special, the combination of all of his other stats somehow gel together perfectly – leading to an eclectic combination of reaction time and physical prowess.
The 29-year-old has impressed fans so much, there are countless forums on Reddit that lavish the Bosnian with praise.
One fan wrote: “Controversial I know but I hate facing Begovic more than I hate facing Butland.
“Just seems to save f****** everything, Butland is beatable, but Begovic just seems to be a cat on steroids.”
Whats really going on?
Cited as being broken, Asmir simply has a special combination of stats that work for a large number of players. This stat combination was not seen before for FUT goalies which is why Asmir stuck out so much. So if you are in the need of a professional FUT 17 goalkeeper then you need not look further from the Bosnian all-star. Just keep in mind to be an actually good FUT 17 player rather than someone reading this out of pure boredom. By the way, the fast way to get this goalkeeper in fut is buy the card with FUT 17 Coins Xbox One,ps3,ps4 or  Mobile. The other way is get him via pack opening in which cheap FUT 17 Points ps4 (EU) will be needed. And if you are luck, you will get more good players in packs. Good luck! 

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