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Pokemon Go Buddy Tips

time 01/17/2017

Pokemon GO is slowly becoming one of the greatest apps that has taken phones by storm. Pokemon GO offers a lot of people a chance to experience the pokemon universe in our world. This is all fine and dandy but there are some important things that you need to know. Pokemon GO buddies are the most important Pokemon Go pokemon in the game and you will have to use them properly in order to win battles.  Thankfully, we have created this tip article for Pokemon Go in order to help out with your Pokemon GO buddy.
It's best to clearly define what you want to build up candy for when picking a buddy: Evolving Pokemon, or powering them up. Trying to juggle the two won't get you very far in either category.
Pick a Pokémon Buddy that you rarely encounter, but don’t require too much candy to evolve. A Magikarp will take forever - but a Geodude doesn’t need to walk far for each candy.
Don't swap out your buddy until you've filled the meter to get a candy - otherwise any progress will be lost.
Try and not get your buddy knocked out first. He will be with you the longest and you will have him upgraded the most... I hope.
Your buddy in Pokémon GO Account is the most important thing to you and you will form a special relationship over the time you are together. So basically, you will have to know all of the above to master the buddies of Pokemon GO. So go out there and use your Pokemon GO buddy to its fullest potential.

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