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NBA 2k17 Budget Beasts for MyTeam

time 01/18/2017

NBA 2k17 is a game that everyone has grown to love, if you ignore the park DLC thing that they tried to push. The game offers you a lot of neat stuff but there are some players and mechanics buried deep into the game and you can’t find them. Well today in this NBA 2k17 we are going to show you some of the best players that you can get for a fairly cheap price. So let’s get ready to find the budget beasts of NBA 2k17. 
Players Part 1
Emerald Moments Avery Bradley is an absolute clamp God and an excellent card for players starting out or for blacktop. Any competent user should be able to stop most guards with him. He's not the best on offense, but is athletic enough to throw down and can knock down an open three ball (86 rating). For only a few thousand, solid card for gauntlet as well as domination.
Emerald Historic Greg Monroe can swallow boards, hit a post hook or two, and is excellent in the pick & roll plus has a solid mid-range. When he was still on my team, he even made the occasional three.
Players Part 2
Sapphire Moments John Wall can't really shoot. Despite his 84 three rating, I struggled to knock down any threes outside his

hot zone. However, he cannot be stopped on the drive. I drew constant and-ones, and with gold tear dropper his floater was cash.
Ruby Marc Gasol is definitely the best Center you can buy for under 10k. As with most of the lockdown collection rubies, he goes for absolutely nothing. He is a force inside; his low block rating doesn't matter because of the gold rim protector he comes with. He is also beyond deadly after setting a screen thanks to both his 84 open three and gold badges for pick & roller and pick & popper.
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