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GW2 Weapons for a Thief

time 01/19/2017

So you are a sneak-thief but you don’t know which weapons to use when you play GW2? Well this article has some of the communities choices when it comes to thief weapons and you might actually get surprised on seeing some of them. Whilst GW 2 is an excellent game, there are a lot of black holes that some people miss out on. So without further ado, let’s find out which weapons will make a true GW2 thief out of you.
The Weapons
Depends a lot on your build and playstyle.
However dagger/dagger is great for single target damage.
Leveling/world content I frequent a pistol whip build using sword/pistol.
Pistol whip is a bit more durable, still pretty solid damage, and also provides condi cleanse, movement, and burst.
Thief is a lot different than other professions in that our weapon skills don't have cooldowns.
Due to that we have dps rotations that are more encompassing to a single weapon set and we will frequently use our offhand as shortbow for utility/aoe.
Dagger/Pistol and Dagger/Dagger were great. I actually did Dagger/Dagger with Sword/Pistol until I got to Daredevil and retired the daggers. The mobility Sword gives and the debuffs of pistol are a pretty good combo. Once you get Daredevil it's all about staff.
In essence, it’s not rocket science figuring out which weapons a thief should use in GW2. Just follow this GW 2 article to the letter and you will be an excellent thief in no time. Now get ready to steal and stab your way to GW 2 victory. In addition, welcome to u7buy.com when you want to buy GW2 Gold cheap, need the best GW2 Items for your character or any other service of GW2. 

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