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Unlocking Outlaw hidden appearance in World of Warcraft

time 01/20/2017

WOW is a brilliant game that has amassed a huge following over the time and the community behind WOW has offered a lot of explanations when it comes to the hidden stuff of this game. If you want to get the hidden appearance for the Outlaw in World of Warcraft then you should just follow the guide below that will explain everything. So without further ado here is the guide on how to unlock the hidden Outlaw appearance in World of Warcraft. 
How To
You need the bindings for the base blue color.
If you don't care about the blue color, then get one of the other skins (assassination or sub), and use them to complete 100 dungeons, 200 world quests or 1000 HK's and it will unlock the thunderfury appearance of that color as well.
I unlocked the 200 world quests with my assassination weapon and I can now swap to outlaw using that color of the thunderfury appearance, even though I do not have the bindings yet and have not unlocked the base color.
Aside from this I don’t think that you have to do any special steps in order to get it. So just do what we said here and that should be all. 
And that’s pretty much it. The appearance looks pretty fabulous if you ask me and using it in World of Warcraft is a great way to show your friends how dedicated you are to the game. So in conclusion, World of Warcraft has a lot of hidden tid bits but today we have shown you how to make one of those come out into the light. What are you waiting for? Log in and try it now! if you need cheap WOW Gold or safe WOW power level remember u7buy.com which is the best MMO gold seller.  

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