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What can we expect to see in the new Dark and Light MMO

time 01/27/2017

Dark and Light first came out in 2006 but sadly it failed to deliver what was promised. Even though the game showed immense potential its poor implementation caused negative reviews from both players and critics. The servers were shut down in 2008 but the game was far from being dead and buried. Snail Games acquired Dark and Light with the intention of rebooting and fixing it. In 2012 a teaser was shown but it took two more years for an announcement regarding the state of the game. Dark and Light was officially announced at ChinaJoy convention in 2016. The sandbox MMORPG came back stronger than ever with revamped systems and improved gameplay. 

Unreal Engine 4 allowed the developers to create a beautiful, unique and strange world called Alpha. In their journey players will encounter a multitude of landscapes called biomes. Floating islands, underground caves, exotic forests and steamy volcanoes make Alpha an explorer's paradise. Adventurers beware as this paradise is home to creatures that are not keen on sharing their territory and resources. Players will encounter fantasy creatures such as dragons and unicorns but also strange monsters. Creatures prove to be a valuable resource for adventurers. Players can kill them to obtain crafting materials and food. It's also possible to tame wild beasts and train them to be trusted combat allies. 

Dark and Light character system features three races and three factions choices. Players have the option to begin their journey in one of the three main cities or outside city walls. Characters are customized by selecting and improving skills. The game allows players to become fighters such as warriors or mages or specialize in crafting and building. No matter what path they take, players will soon learn that social interaction is a key Dark and Light aspect. Sandbox features give players the chance to build massive structures but they will have to work together to achieve their goals. Two types of servers, PvE and PvP, give players the freedom to focus on preferred content. For the Dark and Light gold, u7buy.com will get stock as long as the game released. Be ready to play Dark and Light which is available as a buy to play game on Steam. 

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