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How to be a better tank in FF14

time 01/23/2017

Tanking is considered one of the most important roles in MMORPGs because sometimes tanks may have other responsibilities in addition to holding aggro. Here are a few things every FF14 tank should know.
Lead the way. Tanks also have the role of party leaders. They run in front of the group to get monsters attention and the other party members follow. In FF14 dungeons, it's sometimes necessary to interact with an object to unlock access to the next area or to start a fight. Players usually expect tanks to do this. If you're new to a dungeon and don't know which way to go it's a good idea to ask before making a wrong move. The community is friendly enough to help out a new player. 
Enmity. Those that played other MMORPGs might be more familiar with the terms aggro or threat. In FF14, aggro or threat is called enmity and sometimes hate. These four words mean the same thing. 
User Interface. There are two main UI elements for tanks to keep an eye on: party members enmity bar and monsters enmity. Party members have an enmity bar next to their portrait. That bar represents generated aggro. The tank's bar should always be above other party members. FF14 players can see their enmity with monsters by interpreting the colored dot next to a monster's name. Red means full threat, orange means that enmity is almost full, yellow indicates that enmity is building up and green is no aggro. Ideally, tanks should always have red and orange on all targets. 
Don't use limit break in dungeons. This ability has a different effect depending on the role of the player that initiates it. In most cases, it's usually the damage dealers that activate it to boost damage while running dungeons.
Avoid taking damage as much as possible. It's normal to take some damage but this doesn't mean that you should take all the damage. It's possible to avoid taking damage by simply stepping out of the red area on the ground. Some monsters have frontal cone attacks that can also be avoided but be careful as some monsters may fixate you and rotate in your direction. Don't turn the monster towards the party. 
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