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What you need to know about ESO furniture crafting

time 01/24/2017

ESO furniture crafting allows players to create a multitude of home ornaments. It's allowed to trade furniture and decorations with other players so this feature is a good opportunity to obtain a nice profit. Customization items, especially the rare ones, are always in high demand because each player wants to have a one of a kind home. There are 10 decorative styles specific to each ESO race. Each style has several categories such as furniture, containers, cutlery, ornaments and more. A category numbers various items totaling to more than 2000 unique items. 

Each one of the six existing ESO professions has specific items. Furniture is mostly obtained with woodworking. Tables, chairs, beds, bars, cabinets, storage crates, chopping blocks are just a few of the item types that are crafted by woodworkers. Heartwood is the most needed material. Enchanters transform mundane runes into jars, relics, jugs, bowls and such. Various tapestry ornaments, pillows, tents, canopy beds and many more are created by clothiers from beast skins and various types of cloth. Chests, trunks, knives, plates, lanterns, teapots or chandeliers are some of the blacksmithing ornaments. Regulus is the required material. Alchemists use resin to create goblets, vases, bottles and vials. Wax is the most used resource to obtain provisioning items like wax fruits ornaments, pots, pitchers and such. There are other crafting materials needed but players should primarily look for those listed above as they are the most used. 

Players will need the crafting recipe and ESO materials cheap. The recipes are called differently depending on the profession. For example, alchemy recipes are called formulas while woodworking recipes are called blueprints. There are four ways to obtain these recipes. They can be bought from merchants. Some monsters carry recipes that are dropped once the monster is killed. Recipes are hidden in containers scattered all over the map. Tamriel inhabitants carry recipes too but unfortunately they won't hand it over willingly. In this case, stealing and killing are viable ways to obtain the recipe. Simple plans don't require players to be expert craftsmen but advanced recipes need a certain level of skill in multiple professions. ESO house editor is the tool used to customize a house. If you need other cheap ESO Power Leveling Xbox One service, u7buy.com is a good choice, PS4 and PC leveling service are available too. 

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