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Pokemon GO Fleeing

time 01/23/2017

Pokemon GO has grown into an absurdly large phenomenon in every corner of the globe but there are things in Pokemon Go that really drive people nuts. This time it’s the whole, pokemon fled message and the meaning behind it. Trust me when I say, the pokemon you are hunting never run away in Pokemon GO. 

It seems that Pokemon do not really flee in Pokemon Go like the little bit of texts says when you fail miserably. Pokemon GO has this nasty little feature where the pokemon you have been tracking for such a long time can run away from you if you botch up the catching process. But it turns out, as a bunch of community members have pointed out, that this is not the case. It seems that in 95% of cases where your pokemon in Pokemon GO “runs away” you can simply go away for a minute or two and it will spawn right back up at the same spot. I don’t really know why Niantic tricks its players like this but the charade has been broken. 
Well as nasty as it is that Pokemon GO has this feature that screws you over when you try to catch a Pokemon I do understand it. It promotes that walking simulator atmosphere that the game has started to show. But in the end, you can’t really blame anyone that Pokemon Go does this nasty thing because it’s just a game meant for you to run around and socialize. So, for players, buy Pokemon GO Account will be much easier… Or shank the kid that wanted to hunt down the pokemon you tracked for hours… But hey, that’s just me.  

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