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FUT 17 Pele

time 01/26/2017

Well you have probably seen something like this happening in games other than FUT 17 but this time it’s quite insane. We all know the great, talented and well off PELEEEEEEEEEEEEEE , but did you know that he is broken beyond repair in FUT 17? Well if you didn’t just stick around and find out what the FUT 17 community thinks of you when you play with this monster of a card in your team. Let’s go and find out why everyone hates Pele in FUT 17. 
What’s this about?
So why is Pele the big story point for this FUT 17 article? Simple, if you get him you will be hated amongst the FUT 17 community. In FUT 17 Pele is a legendary player that is at the rank of 95 and is quite difficult to get. A player in the community actually had to sell his entire team in order to get Pele and it took a spiral for the worse after some time. Pele has such a high score that even within a subpar FUT 17 team makes you win almost all of the time. And what’s even worse, if you play with Pele you are guaranteed to get death threats when playing FUT 17. 
I usually tend to follow trends to be fair in a game such as FUT 17, but playing with Pele gets you such a bad rep online that you will be glad that you do not have enough coins to get him. So if you are thinking of wasting your money and buying Pele for your FUT 17 team, just consider the fact that you will get called out by all of those 12 year olds that seem to think they need to play FUT 17 because it’s cool and not because they like it. 

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