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Star Wars the Old Republic Romance

time 02/03/2017

Star Wars the Old Republic is a brilliant game that offers you a lot of options when it comes to playing. SWTOR offers a romance string of instances that mirror that of most successful RPG games like Mass Effect. But, there are a few things wrong with this. What is wrong with SWTOR’s romance and what exactly is going on? Let’s go down and find out everything that is bad with the romance of Star Wars the Old Republic.
Romance is a wonderful thing and we can see from games like Mass Effects that you can be with pretty much anyone. The problem people have had with Star Wars the Old Republic is that the game has become overly male centric when it comes to romance quests. As a male character you will pretty much be able to screw your way across the galaxy with any sort of companion you come across. But when playing as a female, the interaction with female love interests is a bit… Underwhelming. Why is this happening? Well that would be going too much into the crappy politics about today’s world but my thoughts about Star Wars the Old Republic romance come after this.
My personal thoughts on this whole SWTOR romance thing with female on female interaction is this simple tid bit… No one can write a good female character or interaction these days. Trust me, even the greats are pretty crappy at this. But if you think I’m wrong, please spark an uncivil war with me over email or something bashing me for something I said that was completely correct. Stay tuned with u7buy for more SWTOR news and cheap SWTOR Credits sales. Safe SWTOR power leveling service is always available, years’ leveling experience which will guarantee the safety of your account.

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