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NBA 2k17 All Star-Jersyes

time 02/05/2017

You can do pretty much anything you want with your players in NBA 2k17 and today you can do just a tad bit more. Whilst the All-Star Jersey addition is not all that much, I am sure that some of you have been dying to see your favorite players wearing their special All-Star Jerseys in NBA 2k17.
What’s happening
Well I think that this Facebook Post from the developers will sum it up:
"The NBA All-Star jerseys were announced and now they're in NBA 2K17! Pick them up and remember to vote for your favorite player using #NBAVote!"
Why is this such a big thing? Up until today NBA 2k17 has been using the old All-Star Jerseys that were available in 2016. This is not that big of a game changer for NBA 2k17 but it sure does add some much needed flavor to the game. This means that after this update you can see your favorite NBA 2k17 All-Stars in their special All-Star Jerseys. And if this is not your thing… Well… Too bad you can’t avoid this.
Final Words
NBA 2k17 is an excellent game and we all should really be happy that the developers have taken so much time to develop all of these new updates. I mean, it’s like they are chained up and whipped until they deliver something that people would like. And we all know that a company like EA would never do that in their life… Ok in all seriousness… Help those poor kind souls, they are pretty much dying in that dark basement for NBA 2k17 and your All-Star Jerseys. 
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