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How to survive the cold season in Pokemon Go

time 02/06/2017

The first daily PokeStop and caught Pokemon come with a 500 XP bonus each. This means at least 1000 XP per day without much effort. It's easy to get a PokeStop on the way to work, school or any other place. Pokemons spawn everywhere so just open up the game app and wait for a Pokemon to appear. 

Use lucky eggs. The best time to use these XP boosting items is when evolving Pokemons. If you get the daily Pokemon for XP, chances are it's a common one and after a while you'll end up with lots of common type Pokemon Go perfect Pokemons. This is the best times to pop a lucky egg and do some evolving.

Camp near a PokeStop. This depends on where you live but most cities have PokeStops in the central area around tourist objectives, restaurants or cafes. Team up with your Pokemon Go players friends and meet for a coffee, snack or brunch in a place that's in range of a PokeStop. Make sure to use a lure and incense so you get the most out of your Pokemon Go winter session. 

Accept the fact that you're not going to hatch many eggs for a while. This is a tough one but unfortunately there's not much that can be done about it. You can leave the game on as you go around doing your daily business so kilometers will still add up but don't expect much from it. Make sure to no forget about the game as we all know that Pokemon Go is a battery drainer. If you are brave enough to face the cold weather make sure to wear warm clothes but don't stay too long outside. If gym battles are also out of the question during winter get rid of all HP restoring and revive potions as they will fill bag space. 

Accessories. If you are willing to spend some money consider getting a Pokemon Go Plus and gloves designed for smartphone use. Pokemon Go Plus is a handy and fashionable accessory perfect for any Pokemon Go enthusiast. It allows players to get PokeStops and catch Pokemons without looking at their phones. The gloves will most likely be useful for other purposes besides Pokemon hunting so it's a good idea to look for a pair anyway.  

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