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How to complete The Ravagers operation in Star Wars: The Old Republic

time 02/08/2017

The Ravagers is a level 60 operation in Star Wars: The Old Republic. It features five bosses and two difficulty modes. 
The Ravagers is an instanced operation for groups of 8 or 16 players. There are two difficulty modes available: story and hard mode. Fight mechanics are roughly the same for both modes but hard mode requires more attention and a higher skill level. 
Sparky is the first boss. This fight is not challenging at all provided all players know what to do. Adds react to proximity rather than threat so players who are targeted by the adds should run towards the tanks so they can easily gather them up. Players need to spread when Sparky starts its jumping attack else they will take unnecessary damage. 
Quartermaster Bulo fight is all about careful positioning. Players will start the encounter stacked but they will spread as the fights progresses. The team will have to periodically deal with adds that come in waves. This fight is considered challenging because of its positioning requirements but the boss doesn't have a ton of HP so it doesn't last too long.
Torque is the third boss of The Ravagers operation in Star Wars: The Old Republic. The fight takes place in a small room with four computers placed in pairs of two on the sides. There are also two devices near the door. If all computers are destroyed then it's a wipe but players can call repair droids to fix them by activating the devices. Usually it's the healers who call the droids. This fight also has some adds that must be taken down by ranged DPS. 
Master and Blaster is a three phase encounter. In the first phase, players will deal with Blaster and AOE attacks. It's important to stay out of any blue or orange area. The second phase begins when Blaster summons Master. The second tank will pick up Master but some DPS need to stay on Blaster until the blue shield appears. When the shield is up all DPS can switch to Master and be careful to move out of any colored patch on the ground. In phase three it's important to have the debuff that prevents being thrown of the ship. Blaster will go inactive, at that point players should focus to bring down Master as fast as possible. 
Coratanni encounter requires the raid to split in two groups. The melee team will fight Pearl and the ranged will be on the boss. Players affected with the fire debuff should quickly step in and out of the blue circle. When Coratanni reaches 20% HP she retreats from the fight. During this time players have to get Pearl down. After Pearl is defeated, players will move to another area where they have to kill a few adds and Ruugar. When Ruugar jumps to a player, all damage on him must be stopped. There will be some AOE attacks to avoid as well. The encounter ends when Ruugar is down.  
Follow the when you play, it will help you and your team go through smoothly. Before start, remember prepared enough cheap SWTOR Creddits for SWTOR Armors, which will help you kill boss easier in game.  

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