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What we know about Red Mage in Final Fantasy XIV

time 02/10/2017

Red Mage was the first confirmed job for the latest Final Fantasy XIV expansion. Long before Stormblood was announced, fans speculated about the possibility of seeing Red Mage in Final Fantasy XIV. Red Mage is already part of other Final Fantasy installments. It will make its debut in Final Fantasy XIV on the 20th of June 2017 when Stormblood launches. It's only natural that lots of players will want to try this new class so we can expect Red Mages taking over Eorzea for a while. Here are some things worth knowing before starting a Red Mage character. 
Red Mage performs a damage dealer role. Its combat style is a mix between melee abilities and ranged spells. Veteran Final Fantasy players already know that the Red Mage dabbles in both black and white magic. The Final Fantasy XIV version of this class leaves this thing unchanged. Players will be able to cast both types of spells. White magic is mostly performed by healers to restore allies HP. Dark magic is used for destructive purposes. Red Mages walk the line between white and black magic and focus on damage dealing. Each Final Fantasy XIV class or job has an associated weapon of choice. Red Mages come equipped with a magicked crystal medium and a rapier. So Red Mages are not just spell casters, they are also melee fighters. Red Mages cast spell combos that allow them to use melee abilities. A great deal of damage is achieved by casting spells in a certain order. The finishing blow comes in the form of a melee attack powered up by magic. “High speed positioning” is another element that was used to describe Red Mages' fighting style. It's not quite clear for now what this means but it probably refers to the fact that players have to be in a certain range to cast spells and abilities. Leveling in Final Fantasy XIV is a bit of grind fest especially for characters that already maxed other jobs. The good news is that Red Mages have no starting class. They begin the game at level 50. And another cool thing about Red Mages: Naoki Yoshida teased the class by wearing a Scarlet Witch t-shirt.
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