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Chronicles of Elyria Overview

time 02/13/2017

Sandbox mechanics and player freedom seem to be the new MMORPG design trends. Chronicles of Elyria is one of the games categorized as next gen MMORPG. It has some extremely bold design elements such as new business model, classless system, non linear questing, social interaction, unique character development and survival features. 
Probably one of the most intriguing game systems is character aging. Although permadeath is not a new concept there aren't many MMORPGs that implement it. In Chronicles of Elyria, all characters are bound to die at some point. Whether it's old age, killed by a monster or assassinated by a fellow player, all characters meet their end. The life span of a character is roughly one year in real time. Characters grow old and these changes are reflected in their appearance and skills. Each time a character dies, its life span is shortened. Creating a new character after the old one dies does not mean starting the game from scratch. Genetics and heritage allow players to retain some of their progress. It's worth noting that there are three types of in game death. Incapacitation will prevent a character from making any move for a very short while. Spirit Walking lasts a bit longer. Permadeath is final, characters that suffer permadeath cannot recover their body and they are forever lost. Characters can be looted by other players while they are separated from their bodies. So what's stopping players from killing others and taking their belonging? Crime penalties. An aggressive PvP player can lose game time or become hostile with other players preventing social interaction. 
Chronicles of Elyria social interaction is more than just teaming up to kill mobs. Players can enter relationships such as marriage or sign contracts between each other. Players can employ others to supply them with resources, hire bounty hunters to take down an enemy player or enter a trading agreement. The mail system is not provided by the game, there are players who specialize in delivering messages to others. Chronicles of Elyria doesn't have classes. Players create a character by selecting skills from six talent trees: combat, survival, gathering, crafting, bardic and deviant. Players buy tokens that allow them to play throughout a character's lifetime or one year in real time. The initial game purchase includes a life. Remember go to u7buy.com to buy Chronicles of Elyria gold when this game released, we will offer the cheapest price and help you save more time to play. 

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