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The Templar - Elder Scroll Online's Most Versatile Class

time 02/13/2017

Templars are considered the most adaptable class of Elder Scroll Online because they can perform all three roles. Just like the other three classes, the Templar has three skill lines that allow players to specialize in a specific role. New players should decide what role they want to play before spending any skill points as they might make the wrong choice and hinder their game progress. The three Templar skill lines are: aedric spear, dawn's wrath and restoring light. Each skill line has an ultimate spell, active abilities and passive talents.

Aedric Spear is the DPS specialization. Elder Scroll Online Templar who choose to invest points in this tree will unlock abilities that allow them to do good damage, to crowd control enemies with stuns and to interrupt casting. Most abilities are based on magic damage. Two handed swords are preferred by Aedric Spear Templars although dual wielding is a viable choice as well. A weapon and shield combo is not that efficient for damage dealing but it can be a good alternative if players plan on soloing content.

Dawn's Wrath is a support specialization with damage dealing skills and debuffs. Players will notice that most spells in this skill line fall in one the following categories: offensive or debuffs. The latter are extremely valuable while playing in a party. Offensive spells are based on fire damage. Players who choose Dawn's Wrath will mostly go for light armor as it will boost the magicka attribute. This is the most valuable stat for both support and pure DPS Templars.

Restoring Light is a tank and healer skill line. These Templars heal their team members and also act as a shield by standing between the party and the enemy. Restoring Light Templars usually wear heavy armor and arm themselves with a one handed sword and shield. Investing skill points in health and stamina is a good idea. Players who choose this role will never wait too long to find a party as tanks are always in demand.

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