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5 Reasons to play FF14

time 02/14/2017

Quality service. FF14 is one of the MMORPGs that provide a good playing experience. Players won't experience lag. Disconnects rarely happen. In fact, players won't get disconnected even if they AFK for long periods of time. Servers are taken down on rare occasions mostly when it's time to apply patches and content updates. FF14 is one of the best maintained and most stable MMORPG on the market. The entry subscription fee is 11 euros, that's two euros cheaper than the standard MMO subscription which is also available. The difference between them two is the number of allowed characters.

Friendly community. MMORPGs are social games so user interaction has a heavy impact on players' overall game experience. FF14 is mostly known for its mature community both in terms of age and behavior. Players are friendly and always ready to help a starting fellow FF14 adventurer. Multiplayer content can be pretty challenging, even at lower levels, and that's why most players won't consider spending five minutes to explain tactics a waste of time.

Crafting matters. FF14 players can experience the game as craftsmen only. Professions are actually classes. There are profession related skills, abilities, gear, quests and activities. Focusing on professions is a also a good way of making a ton of gil.

All classes on a single character. Players can learn all classes and jobs with just one character. This means that a White Mage can instantly change into a Botanist or a Culinarian. This FF14 feature is appealing because it allows players to take a break from their role and experience the game in a new way while certain activities still count towards character's progress.

Story quests cannot be skipped. Players cannot progress into Heavensward story if they haven't completed A Realm Reborn main quest. They can gain experience past the FF14: A Realm Reborn level cap and there are catch up mechanics to speed things up but adventurers are actually required to finish the old story before seeing the new chapter. Old content like dungeons and raids are still relevant even at max level and that's another great thing.

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