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Things to know before choosing a STO career path

time 02/15/2017

STO has a pretty flexible character system. Players will start by choosing one of the three classes but they should know that this choice doesn't restrict the use of certain ships, uniforms or wearable items. Tactical, Science and Engineer are the available classes. Career path choice determines which skills a character can use and how they will experience PvE and PvP content.

Engineer class can perform as a tank or healer. When it comes to ship choice Federation Engineers should go for a cruiser while Klingon Empire players will select a battle cruiser. These two ship types are recommended for players that wish to have a tanking role. Healing Engineers' job is to repair hull and shields damage. In space combat Engineers will use abilities to gain boosts and to reset cooldowns. Two other special abilities can be used for ground combat. Nanomolecular architect skill buffs turrets and drones. The other ability provides damage reduction. Engineers wear gold uniforms.

Science career path allows STO players to become healers and support. Science vessels for both Federation and Klingon Empire players are available. As healers, Science players will concentrate on restoring team members' health in ground combat. They also have some AOE damaging abilities. In space combat, players who choose this path will focus on debuffing enemies and do some healing as secondary job. This career path has some valuable crowd control abilities. Science officers equip blue uniforms.

Tactical is a pure DPS class. Escort vessels are available for Federation players while Klingon Empire partisans will opt for Raptor ships. These kinds of ships allow Tactical players to deal damage using energy cannon and beams. Torpedoes and mines are another way of inflicting damage. Performance is increased when using attack patterns. In ground combat, Tactical players have superb damage burst abilities and AOE attacks. They also have some abilities that boost their allies' damage. Red is their preferred uniform color.

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