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Tips about FF14 Player Housing

time 02/17/2017

FF14 player housing is one of the most popular game features. Players just love this complex house customization feature that allows them to decorate and personalize an estate in a ton of unique ways. Secondly, the houses are just gorgeous. FF14 is a game with good graphics but it's not just the graphics quality that makes player housing so appealing. Residential Districts are a part of Eorzea that hasn't been tainted by war. These areas are a good place to relax, to forget about Primals or other dangers that are looming over the world.

There are three types of FF14 houses: small, medium and large. The difference is the size, number of allowed decorations, vendors, crafting stations and garden patches. Any house can have chocobo stable, summoning bell and a few other convenient features. Each one of the three housing areas also has an apartments building. Players can get a room in the free company estate. So there are five housing options available. Price is the most important factor when deciding on a house type. The cheapest is the free company room which costs 300,000 gil. The apartment costs 500,000 gil. These two are the most affordable options for players who just want a little place of their own to decorate and use basic facilities like mender and vendors.

Houses are the best way to enjoy all FF14 player housing feature has to offer. The downside is that buying a house can be pretty expensive. Players first need to buy the land. Two things have to be considered: plots availability and price. Inactive players lose their homes so finding a free plot shouldn't be too hard. Prices will vary between 2 million and 90 million gil. On top of that, players also have to pay to build the house. The good news is that the building price is always the same. Small houses cost 450,000 ffxiv gil. Medium ones go for 1 million gil. Big houses sell for 3 million gil. All home owners including free company rooms and apartments lose their house if they are inactive for more than 45 days.

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