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NBA 2k17 Chinese New Year

time 02/19/2017

NBA 2k17 will make sure that have a lot of things to do during any season but with Chinese New Year here you will get a few special little bits just because the developers love you… And because EA has started whipping them harder. Joking aside, this New Year update thing for NBA 2k17 is going to be pretty decent because there are rumors that Yao Ming is going to be in NBA 2k17 soon. 
The Deals
-First of all, you can buy 2 new types of shirts with the Chinese New Year…Thing… Written on then. These shirts are not all that fancy since they are either white or black but I guess that it is still something. 
-A big addition could be Yao Ming but there is still no concrete evidence that he is actually coming to NBA 2k17. If he is though, that would be one hell of an update. 
- You will be able to get a tone of new challenges for NBA 2k17 in this New Year update which will keep you busy until the full “Update” for NBA 2k17 is released. 
That’s pretty much it. It might seem as though there is not all that much stuff in this NBA 2k17 update but just you wait because the community will always be heard. So just keep your black and white Chinese New Year themed shirts and you will be busy until the neat little stuff comes around. So just get out there and explore the content of the Chinese New Year Update for the already excellent NBA 2k17. Remember visit u7buy.com for cheap NBA 2K17 MT and NBA 2K17 VC Account Xbox One & PS4. This is the best site that offering NBA 2K17 products online! 

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