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Everything there is to know about FUT Mobile attack mode seasons

time 02/27/2017

Attack Mode in FUT Mobile has a seasonal challenge during which users play against each other, rank up and receive rewards. There are different seasons and one of a kind prizes to give players more reasons the take part in attack mode seasons. Rules are similar to any other seasonal event but there's one catch. The leaderboards are not fully reset when the season ends. This means that players won't start the new season from Amateur 3, the lowest rank. Players are “demoted” based on the rank achieved in the season that just ended so those with outstanding achievements will be able to benefit a bit more from their hard work. 
Rewards are handed out based on seasonal performance. Prize packs are received when a new FUT Mobile attack mode season begins. Tokens and high quality players, gold and better, can be found in a reward pack. Tokens are spent to acquire master elite player items. These tokens are season bound and cannot be used to redeem prizes from another season. There's no other FUT Mobile mode that allows players to get season master elites. It is impossible to trade these items so players who really want them will have to work for them. Gold and elite players can be found in reward packs or in attack mode packs. These items can be traded with other players using the market. 
Players are ranked in divisions according to how many fans they obtain. It's possible to gain 20% more fans by using attack mode players. The best rank, FUT Champion, requires a whopping 10 million fans so players will need all the boosts they can get. Higher division players get better rewards including more tokens. It's worth noting that the rewards system takes into consideration the division players are in at the end of the season. Progress menu keeps players updated with their seasonal accomplishments. Players who manage to become FUT Champions in three different seasons will unlock an exclusive player with 99 OVR. 
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