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Introduction to ESO Provisioning

time 03/14/2017

ESO provisioning is a profession that gives players the chance to create all sorts of foods and drinks. With the addition of Homestead, provisioning now includes designs to create home decorations. Provisioning can be considered a utility skill. Just like all other skills it has its own line that allows players to become master cooks. There are two categories of consumables obtained with provisioning: food and drinks. Foods boost stats while drinks boost stat regeneration. Meat based meals and alcohols improve HP and life regeneration. Those who want a stamina boost should look for a vegetable dish and tonic to increase regeneration rate. Fruits extend Magicka for a while and tea enhances its regeneration. Players who unlocked certain provisioning skills will enjoy the buffs for a longer period of time. There are also special ESO recipes that boost multiple attributes at a time. 
Players who want to learn provisioning can look for a trainer in one of the ESO cities. An NPC can be found in the first city right after leaving the starting area so players can begin their training at early levels. Most of the materials and recipes are obtained from looting containers from all over the world. Players should check out every crate, barrel or sack as it can contain all sorts of needed materials. Some of the ingredients can be bought from vendors. Killing monsters and fishing are other ways of obtaining materials. These are the base ingredients. ESO also has additives such as cheese or garlic. To turn the mats into consumables a crafting station is required. This can be found near the trainer NPC in a town. ESO has crafting related quests called crafting writs. These mini tasks are similar to daily quests as they can be repeated once every 20 hours. Completing a crafting writ rewards players with XP, ingredients, recipes and special additives. Provisioning can be turned into a profitable activity by learning recipes for high quality consumables and designs to make house decorations. Now, you know things about provisioning already, hope this will help you in game. In case you need cheap ESO Gold, or cheap ESO Power Leveling service online, we recommend u7buy.com which is a trustworthy site with years of online service experience. 

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