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How to Enjoy BnS as a PvP Player

time 03/20/2017

World PvP is an unorganized form of BnS PvP. It is unlocked at early levels right after players decide what faction they want to join. As soon as players become members of the Cerulean Order or of the Crimson Legion, they will receive a faction specific costume. Putting on the costume is equivalent of enabling PvP mode. Once players are flagged for PvP, they will be able to attack members of the opposing faction but only if they are also flagged for PvP. When players change into the faction uniform their name will become red signifying that they are PvP ready. If they wish to turn PvP off, players can simply switch to their normal PvE gear. BnS doesn't allow players to change costumes when they are in combat. World PvP is completely optional. Flagged players have access to some faction quests and dailies that allow them to do Blade & Soul level up while PvPing. It should be noted that world PvP has no rules or penalties. World PvP is a bit frustrating for low level players but there are also times when it is tremendously fun. 
Arena lobby grants access to the PvP arena. Players are able to fight in one on one duels or to join a team for three versus three matches. Arena combatants aren't allowed to use any items. Attributes do not receive boosts from gear. The winner is decided based on what happens during the match. In 1 vs. 1, the player who wins two rounds wins the match. In 3 vs. 3, it's the last team alive that wins. If the timer runs out and none of the above apply, the winner is the team or player that did the most damage.  BnS arena players win special PvP currency called Zen Beans. It is used to acquire PvP gear, costumes, Soulstones or skill books. Daily arena PvP quests are available. The ranking system divides players into five tiers depending on their PvP performance. Just like world PvP, the arena is optional too so players don't have to fight others if they don't like PvP activities. At last, cheap BNS gold is an essential part to help you armored character strong in game. 

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