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Tips to Score Goals & Win Matches in FUT 17 - Part One

time 03/21/2017

Without a doubt, there is moment in the world of video games in which we would destroy the control or the television because things do not go as we want them. This lies in the frustration of not being able to beat a boss at the end of level or even when we are not able to beat an opponent online.
This happens more often in FUT 17, as it is more difficult to score goals, as this installment is more realistic. This makes it difficult to defeat your rivals, friends or even the AI itself. But do not worry; we are here to help you! If you have problems scoring goals or winning matches, join us, we will tell you all the secrets.
How to score goals easily in FUT 17?
Touch the ball
A very useful method is to circulate the ball inside the defensive line in order to attack. Another point in favor of touching the ball in areas of low pressure is that the rival defender will tend to advance their position to recover it, which will generate more spaces behind them that we will take advantage of making passes to the gap or in length.
In front of the goal keeper we must keep our nerves calm. Logically the balls are easier to carry out in areas of lower pressure, so if we opt for a combination in the vicinity of the area, we will have to be very accurate and also we need to have quality players to overcome the rival pressure. When making walls we should not hesitate to use normal passes, to the hollow and even raised ones to surprise the defense.
Head shots
One of the most effective actions of FUT 17 is the headers. Is also very important to reduce the distance between the defense and the goal because, in case of playing with the advance defense, we have to be very attentive to remove the goalkeeper in time and clear those balls to the back of the defense, so we can shoot.
And here we will leave this tutorial to score goals, as we will continue the next time, so stay with us to become the best player of FUT 17. And buy FUT 17 Coins to get good players for your ultimate team.

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