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Review of Madden NFL 17 After Playing it 2 Weeks

time 03/25/2017

After 2 weeks of playing Madden NFL 17 we think we can do a pretty good review. We've been playing Madden for over 10 years and there's always something new, but what I've seen so far in Madden NFL 17 has been simply spectacular from a game I thought could not be surprising.
This is what we found
Is more difficult
The AI each time adapts more to the situations you face and in fact, as in the Dark Souls saga, the same play does not work twice. EA has worked hard on the graphics engine and there are subtle differences that make handling much more enjoyable in Madden NFL 17 players.
New mechanics
For starters there is more control of the player who has the ball in his hands. You can control more accurately cuts, spin moves and stiff arm, and there is also more risk of releasing the ball if you decide to extend the play. In Madden NFL 17 it is much more common to see a sack become fumble, and there are also many deflections of the ball by defensive line or linebackers, which can turn into receptions or easy interceptions.
More "MOMENTS" in the game
In fact, we started the Chiefs way to multiple Super Bowls and I'm pretty excited about the changes I've seen in Franchise. The idea is that the game is developed in simulation and the player must enter key moments of the game, for example: in the red zone offense, take control of the defense in a third key opportunity, have a drive of two minutes or Control the game at the end of the game to tie the win.
Each game has a lot of moments, which makes it more dynamic to play with your favorite team and you can finish a season in a couple of days. When you have thousands of franchise games played, a change or something that makes this process more dynamic is appreciated.
New comments
Finally, we liked that Davis has specific comments depending on the player, for example, when Derrick Johnson makes a good play: "This is vintage Derrick Johnson, one of the best linebackers of the NFL in the last decade."
Well, that's our review after playing 2 weeks. One more thing is buy Madden 17 Coins cheap from online store will help us get players more easily. If you would like us to continue informing you about our experience with this game, do not hesitate to ask for it in the comment box.

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