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How to Duel Other Players in ESO

time 03/28/2017

Open world PvP is possible in ESO thanks to the dueling system. This PvP activity was not part of the game on release day, it was introduced with a later patch. Open world means that players can duel anywhere. Cyrodiil is an exception as developers plan to keep this area a factions only battleground. ESO implements the dueling invitation system so players cannot abuse this new PvP option. The invite request can be sent from the interaction menu that appears when players target each other. Invite to Duel is the option. It's also possible to send an invitation with a game command as long as the other player is in range. After the player accepts the challenge, a short timer will give duelers a few moments to prepare for the fight. 
When a duel begins, a flag is placed in the center of the area. Players will also get a notification if they are close to stepping out of it. It's a pretty big zone so players have plenty of room. Leaving the area will result in a surrender. The dueling area works like a dueling instance. The duelers cannot interact with other players so it's not possible to receive outside help. PvE interactions with mobs are not possible in a dueling area so players won't be bothered by nearby creatures. A duel ends when one the fighters HP reaches zero. The one who lost can resurrect for free or accept a resurrection from another player. Dueling is an optional ESO activity. Players that are not interested in taking part in duels and don't want to be spammed with invites can easily enable the auto-decline duel option. This is found in the main menu Options under the Social tab. ESO doesn't have any forms of organized dueling like ranked matches or leaderboards, however, there is a dueling arena available. Duelers that won 1, 25 and 100 fights will be rewarded with three achievements. At last, buy ESO gold Xbox One to make your character ready to fight.  

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