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FUT Mobile Market Tips

time 03/29/2017

Learn how the FUT Mobile market works. Thing is that FUT Mobile market is not a traditional auction house where players interact in a direct way. The market system attempts to make some changes to ensure a fair system for everyone. New players that are not familiar with the FUT Mobile market system might think that it's bugged or that it doesn't work correctly for them. This system might be a bit confusing but that's how the game works and there's nothing that can be done about it.
Check out multiple offers before spending coins. Don't take the first offer you see just because you need that item, especially if you're a new player on a budget. In the beginning you'll do just fine only with the rewards from playing the game. As an indicator, you need better players for the team when it gets too hard to achieve victories against other players. Take your time to decide if the player listed on the market is really that big of an improvement for the team and if it's worth spending the FUT Mobile Coins
Do some research before attempting to snipe items. Sniping is a method used on the FUT Mobile market. Players look for good items listed at low prices, buy them and resell them for an increased price. It's a good way of making FUT Mobile coins but make sure you are well familiar with prices and demand before buying any item. 
Don't undervalue your items. Sniping works because there are players who don't know the real value of their items and they put them up for sale at a lower price. Before selling items, check out prices and players with similar OVR. This will help you make a correct estimation.
Use the search options. FUT Mobile market has some search options that help players limit their search. Use them to refine the search and maybe come up with a sniping filter. Such a filter is made by combining multiple search options and it allows players to find market bargains. 

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