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How to Enjoy NBA Live Mobile as a Single Player

time 04/09/2017

Players don't have to compete against others to have a good time while playing NBA Live Mobile. There are many other features that can be tackled as single player challenges. One of the game's best features is its flexibility that allows players to enjoy it in many different ways. As a matter of fact, most of the game's features are meant as single player activities. Those who prefer to play on their own can play against the computer in seasons mode, customize teams with the management feature, take part in daily live challenges and acquire cards to complete sets. 
Seasons mode becomes available at early levels. This is a recommended activity as it helps players level up and unlock more NBA Live Mobile features. In Seasons mode player's teams will face teams controlled by the game's AI in competitions that take the form of a real NBA season. When players finish a season, they unlock more of them but each one also has increased difficulty. Live challenges are daily events. These are both rewarding and fun as each challenge has a different goal so players will be given various objectives to complete. Some challenges reflect what's happening in the real NBA season so players who follow the real competition have the chance to find out about recent news within the game. 
Sets are collections of cards. NBA Live Mobile features numerous sets. This feature has no level requirement so players can start working towards sets completion from level one. New players can follow the game's suggestion about sets and complete those sets that are marked as recommended. Timed limited events unlock access to sets with unique rewards. These three activities, seasons, sets and live challenges, provide different ways to play NBA Live Mobile without interacting with others. Players that are having troubles achieving their goals in any of the NBA Live Mobile modes should visit the My Team section to make adjustments and upgrades. 
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