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How to Complete FUT Mobile Blue Star Program

time 04/14/2017

Update 5 for FUT Mobile changed not just the gameplay but also the front cover that is now featuring Eden Hazard as the current representative for the famous soccer themed app. One of the content additions is a special program that includes among its rewards an 100 OVR Hazard card. There are three Hazard card versions that differ by position. Players have the chance to acquire Hazard as ST, CAM and LF.  
Players have to finish 10 plans to unlock all the rewards. These plans require three types of tokens: training, match and positional. Tokens can be obtained in two ways. During the Blue Star Program, special live events that give tokens as reward will be available. Card packs have been updated to include tokens as well. Using the tokens, players will complete the first plan that rewards them with the starting Hazard card. The other plans are called upgrade plans as each one has an improved Hazard card as reward. To complete a plan, players will need not only tokens but also an item from the previous plans. This means that Blue Star is a progression program as there's no way to complete the final plan and obtain the best reward without completing the previous plans and challenges. Specific positional tokens are needed to unlock one of the three Hazard card versions. There is a plan that allows players to get universal tokens in exchange for positional tokens. These are called Hazard tokens and can replace any of the three positional tokens. When Hazard is placed in a team, he will boost his team mates. The boost becomes better as players unlock Hazard cards with superior OVR. It should be noted that all Hazard player cards cannot be traded. This FUT Mobile program runs for a few months so players have more than enough time to complete it and to unlock the 100 OVR Hazard card. At the end, we recommend to buy FUT Mobile Comfort Trade from u7buy where you could save both your time and money! 


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