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How the Character System Works in FF14

time 04/15/2017

The character system in FF14 is different from any other MMORPG. Players don't have to create multiple characters to experience different roles or combat styles. Classes are called disciplines and there are four categories. Disciples or war include classes that fight with weapons and mostly deal physical damage. Disciples of magic are casters such as conjurers or arcanists. The two other disciplines are about gathering (disciples of the land) and crafting (disciples of the hand). Players can learn all disciplines with one character. Each discipline including crafting plays just like a regular MMORPG class with a leveling system, abilities and progression quests.
Jobs are FF14 specializations. A job is unlocked when achieving certain levels with other classes and completing the necessary quests. Jobs have a base class, a secondary class and a third class. FF14: A Realm Reborn jobs have a base class while Heavensward jobs don't and start the game at level 30 which you could reach fast with buy FF14 Power Leveling service online. For example, Paladin job in unlocked when players attain level 30 with Gladiator and level 15 with Conjurer. The third Paladin class, Marauder, is not needed to unlock the Paladin job but players will find certain Marauder skills useful when playing Paladin. The job takes skills and abilities from all its classes. After level 30, players will start gaining XP towards their unlocked job. It is not possible to gain XP for the base (starting) class anymore but all other classes can be normally leveled. So, a level 30 Paladin will not gain any more Gladiator XP but it can gain Conjurer or Marauder XP.
All jobs can be unlocked on a single character. Each job or class has unique weapons and armor. In the character screen, players will notice that they can have multiple equipment sets as FF14 Items. Classes and jobs are swapped when equipping the specific weapon or tool. For example, if a Paladin swaps the sword for a skillet he or she will change into Culinarian (cooking profession). Action bars abilities also change to reflect the class swap. Players should not forget to update their equipment set each time they acquire a new piece of gear. 

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