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How to Obtain and Use Currency in BnS

time 04/18/2017

BNS Gold is the most common BnS currency. It is acquired as reward from quests and spent at local vendors. It is possible to obtain it with premium options too but most players just stick to questing as a primary way. 
Four types of Valor Stones are acquired when doing quests in four different BnS zones. These stones can also be acquired as drops from dungeon mobs. Players obtain Viridian, Cinderlands, Moonwater and Silverfrost stones depending on the zone. Valor Stones are spent to buy outfits, soul shields and to take part in the Wheel of Fate. 
BnS has two types of Naryu money. Coins are obtained when taking part in E. Fleet Supply Chain activities. It is used in Blackram Supply Chain and also spent for items. Silver is acquired when defeating Poharan, from daily quests and from treasure chests. Twenty Naryu coins are exchanged for one Naryu silver. This type of currency is necessary to obtain evolution materials. 
BnS PvP players can collect six types of PvP currency. Faction Insignias are obtained as reward from faction dailies and when killing faction monsters. Contested Territory Insignias come from killing enemy faction bosses. Prestige points are acquired when defeating NPCs from the enemy faction. These points are traded to obtain contribution points. Zen Beans are won from duels and arena matches. Battle points are acquired when taking part in battlegrounds and when completing battleground dailies. All these currencies are spent at specific vendors to collect gear, to gain faction ranks and to obtain various items including PvE Naryu coins.  
Four other types of special coins are usable in BnS. Dreadtide Tags are given to those who take part in the Dreadtide Arena event. Halfmoon Festival Tokens come as reward from festival dailies. When completing achievements, players get points that can be used as currency for items and outfits. Ncoins and Hongmoon Coins are used at the premium store. If you want to get these bns currency easy, buy BNS Power Leveling will help you get your desired level and equip your charcter well. 

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