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Everything You Need to Know About NBA 2K17 Mountain Dew 3X Tournament

time 04/22/2017

MyPark is an online NBA 2K17 mode that unlocks access to various types of events. To take part in them, players first need to create a MyPlayer character. This mode is not available on old consoles such as Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. Players need to own the game on PC or on one of the current generation consoles to participate in MyPark events. Among the five available events, Mountain Dew 3X tournament stands as the most popular.
The tournament rules are simple. A team of three members will compete against another team of the same size. When entering the tournament each player gets some special currency called entry tokens. The event features a wager system that challenges players to risk their tokens to acquire another type of items. Tokens are used to obtain dew points. Players' objective is to get dew points because these will allow them to increase rank and obtain better leaderboard positions. Deciding how to use entry tokens is of major importance. Players are allowed to take part in the Mountain Dew 3X tournament as long as they have tokens. When all tokens are lost, players are removed from the event.
Compelling rewards make the event even more challenging. Players who are ranked among the top 10 in the leaderboards will get a permanent bonus. This means that they will enjoy stats increase until the next NBA 2K game is released. And u7buy will always offer the cheapest NBA 2K MT and NBA 2K VC Account Xbox One/ PS4 for you. This reward alone makes Mountain Dew 3X a super popular event but there are more attractive prizes. The top 10 best players are also given some nice vanity items to show off their accomplishments. Limited edition outfits and various accessorizing items are among the rewards. The items are Mountain Dew themed so everyone will know how the prize was won. Those who don't make it in the top ten shouldn't worry as their efforts are rewarded as well. All players who were part of the event get two jumbo park packs.

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