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FUT Mobile UI Explained for New Players

time 04/22/2017

New players start their FUT Mobile journey with a couple of tutorials. After completing them, they can access the game's content by tapping different options from the main screen. The top part of the screen contains seven elements. The three dashes button opens up the main menu from which players can access different game modes, leagues, team management, the in game store, plans and the transfer market (auction house). Next to the three dashes symbol players will notice the active's game mode name such as live events or attack mode. Next comes the stamina bar. Stamina is a resource spent when taking part in game modes. It is automatically restored over time. The amount of FUT Mobile coins and points is displayed right after the stamina bar. The envelop icon opens the inbox. The cart store symbol takes players to the game's store. The last UI element is a three dots button that opens the settings menu. 
FUT Mobile world map changes depending on the selected game mode. There are two world maps. One is for live events and the other for attack mode. The live events world map displays all available live events activities. There are different types of live events such as training drills, warm ups and special events for limited duration programs and in game events. The timer under the event's name shows how much time players have to complete it. When selecting attack mode from the main menu button, players will notice that the world map shows something different. Instead of live events players will see users they can challenge in attack mode. Players can challenge others from the same division. The current division, number of fans and season duration are displayed on the right side of the screen. Under a player's name on the world map, the level and OVR are displayed. 
On the left bottom corner of the screen, players will notice an activities icon. Tapping it will bring up a list of tasks such as complete plans, attack mode games and such. On the opposite side of the screen, five more options are shown. Progress displays user's accomplishments in the current season. Counters allow players to counter enemy tactics. Leaders show the season's leaderboard. Rivals display player's rivals. Friends open the player's Facebook friends list that are also playing FUT Mobile. 

Notice : Using illegal leveling and gold service might terminate the account