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How the Talent System Works in World of Warcraft

time 04/24/2017

World of Warcraft character customization is based on specializations and talents. As soon as players hit level 10, they are free to choose a class specialization. Combat role and style depend on the chosen specialization. Classes like the Paladin or Druid who are able to perform all three roles have one specialization for each role while the Warlock has DPS specializations only. Death Knights, for example, have two DPS and a tanking specialization. Priests have two healing and a DPS specialization. After players choose their desired role by selecting a specialization, talents become available. Talents are active or passive abilities that are unlocked by activating them. Players can activate a new talent once every 15 levels, wow leveling service will help you reach the desired level fast and safey by the way. Activating a talent means choosing it from three others. 
There are 21 talents in total but only seven of them are active at a time. The talent system has seven rows with three talents on each row. A class built represents the talent choice that will define a play style. Each row has talents that give various advantages. Some talents unlock an active ability or spell while others provide passive effects. Talents can be categorized based on their advantage. There are performance increasing talents that boost damage for DPS classes or increase healing for healer characters. Tanks can unlock talents that make them more resistant or allow them to generate more aggro. There are also defensive talents that help characters survive damage. Utility and crowd control talents are of great help as well. World of Warcraft players can swap talents at their class trainer or by using special items called tomes of tranquil mind. These tomes are crafted by players with the inscription profession. They are usually bought from the auction house or received as reward. Raiders should always have a few tomes with them during raids because they might want to change their builts to better match the encounter's requirements. Those who want to find the best talent setup for their role and class can consult fan websites and the official World of Warcraft forums. If you want to get cheap WOW Gold, there are many gold sellers online- u7buy.com for example is a very good site with years experience. 

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