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Everything You Need to Know About RuneScape 3 Combat System

time 05/01/2017

Combat is one of the most important features of RuneScape 3. The sooner players understand how this works, the faster they will be able to progress with quests or other activities that require fighting. Gielinor adventurers will discover that fighting is not easy and that it takes combat skills to reap the rewards. Combat is challenging as there are lots of skills, spells and abilities that can be used.  RuneScape 3 features lots of unique pieces of gear so players will have to make a wise decision about what armor to equip or what weapon to use. Combat is a normal activity for an adventurer. The lands are swarming with all sorts of monsters, from undead creatures to vermin and NPCs that need to be brought to justice, there are lots of PvE enemies to defeat. Special areas that allow PvP combat are also available. 
RuneScape 3 has two combat systems and players will need to make a selection. The modern combat system is more dynamic. Players cast abilities with click commands. There are two ways to enjoy this combat system: manually or automatically. This combat system is recommended for new RuneScape 3 players as it's easy to understand and use. It's also effective in end game activities such as boss fights. This combat mode has three types of abilities. There are basic abilities that deal damage and generate a special resource called adrenaline. This resource is spent to cast other types of abilities called ultimate which have better effects than basic ones. Threshold abilities also use adrenaline but not as much as ultimate abilities.
The legacy system allows players to use the old RuneScape combat. This system is somewhat simpler that the modern one. While in legacy mode, players attack targets by clicking on them. There are various ways to attack an enemy when using the legacy system. Players will also choose one of the three combat styles: magic, ranged or melee. A triangle system keeps things in balance. The combat academy near Lumbridge is a good starting place to learn more about RuneScape 3 combat and to train. Last thing we want to remind you is buy RuneScapte 3 gold from u7buy. This is the safest way to get RS gold cheap and fast.  

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