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Compete in Old School RuneScape 2007 Deadman Mode

time 05/05/2017

Players looking for a hardcore, old school PvP activity should look no further than RuneScape 2007 Deadman. This mode combines open world PvP with survival style gameplay. Deadman is more than just a mode, it's a different way to experience the PvP side of the game. There are a few servers on which this mode is running. After players log in they will see a world (server) selection menu. Among the listed worlds, some of them are Deadman servers. Once in a while, a seasonal server opens where top 2000 Deadman players are allowed to enter the tournament Deadman Invitational. The grand winner of the Invitational tournament gets a real money reward of $10,000. 
Open world PvP takes place almost anywhere in Deadman mode. There are only three locations where PvP isn't allowed but players won't achieve much by staying in those locations. To get a good score they have to fight and defeat others. NPCs also give players some trouble. Guards patrol the area around main cities and attack anyone marked with a PK skull. These guards are extremely strong and practically impossible to defeat. Those with a PK skull are attractive targets for other players for two reasons. Engaging in PvP with a skulled player will not put the skull mark on the attacker. If skulled players happen to have bank keys from defeated enemies, other players will see how many keys they have. 
Death has extremely serious consequences in Deadman mode. Players lose items from their bank and XP. When a player kills another, he or she will get a key that grants access to 10 of the most valuable item stacks from the loser's bank. To get the reward, the player needs to go to a safe area that is protected by powerful guards. A special type of RS 2007 Gold that is used to purchase Deadman gear is also obtained when defeating other players. Players' progress in Deadman mode has nothing to do with their progress in the main RuneScape 2007 game. Nigel from Lumbridge is the NPC that sells gear and gives players more details about this PvP mode. 
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