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Enhance Your Runescape 3 Experience with the Companion App

time 05/07/2017

Runescape 3 players have a tool that allows them to perform a couple of actions using their smartphones. The companion app is available for free for Android and iOS devices. Its three main features are: chat, grand exchange support and D&D tracking. 
The chat is an easy and convenient way to stay in touch with Runescape 3 buddies. Players can easily find out what's happening in game without actually being connected to the game. App users can also chat among themselves. Runescape 3 players can talk to their clan members using the app. Private chats are supported as well. The friends list feature is accessible thanks to the app. New friends can be added within the app and players can also remove inactive contacts or users they no longer wish to keep in their friends list. The app allows players to use chat channels. 
The Grand Exchange is the game's trading feature that enables users to buy and sell items from each other. This feature is available to Runescape 3 Companion users that have an authenticator attached to their accounts. This additional security method comes in the form of an app that generates a code needed to log in together with the username and password. It's a free feature so any player can use it. Runescape 3 companion app lets players perform trades on the grand exchange, view items pricing evolution and check out their banks of RS 3 Gold. Push notifications are received when a transaction is completed. 
The companion app lets players check the Distractions and Diversions menu. These are minigames that can be played on a daily basis. Using the app, players can see which D&Ds are available. 
The companion app is free to download and use. Players can get it from the iOS store or Android's Play Store. A device running Android 4.4 or iOS 6.0 is needed. The companion app works only with Runescape 3 accounts and it does not provide any functionality for Runescape 2007. 

Notice : Using illegal leveling and gold service might terminate the account