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What You Need to Know About FF14 Healers

time 05/10/2017

The White Mage is a FF14 healing job. Players that want to support their party members as White Mages have to start as Conjurers. After attaining level 30 as Conjurer and level 15 as Arcanist, players are able to unlock the White Mage job. This job is considered an upgrade from Conjurer so players will have all spells and abilities from the base class. White Mages can also use Thaumaturge abilities. The weapons of choice for White Mages are wands and canes. Their preferred attribute is mind. Since FF14: A Realm Reborn was released, White Mages have been considered extremely powerful when it comes to healing.
Scholar is another FF14 healing job and it is somehow the opposite of White Mage. The base class for Scholar is Arcanist and the secondary class is Conjurer. This is the first requirement to become a Scholar. The other requirement is completing the Sylph Management main scenario quest. The Scholar is a FF14 job that uses fairies as pets. They can also use spells from the Thaumaturge class. Just like White Mages, Scholars will favor mind among other stats. This attribute boosts the healing magic potency that is a central part of the Scholar's play style. They use only one weapon, books. 
The third FF14 healer job, Astrologian, is available to players who purchased the Heavensward expansion. This is a standalone job that doesn't have a primary and secondary class. Astrologians will start their progression at level 30 which you could reach fast with buy FF14 Power Leveling service cheap from u7buy. Players need to travel to the Astrologians Guild in Ishgard and also complete the quest Stairway to the Heavens to unlock this job. Astrologians are able to buff the party depending on which cards they draw and what stance they choose. These are part of the job mechanic. Two stances are used. One of them has regeneration effects and the other focuses on defense. Players must decide which stance to use before an encounter as stances can only be switched while off combat. If the party has a White Mage, the defensive stance is commonly used. If the other healer is a Scholar, most Astrologians will opt for the other stance. Any way, no matter which job you play, cheap FF14 Gil will be needed a lot, too meet the demands, u7buy have prepared full stock for you.

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