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Improve your experience playing FUT 17? We will show you how!

time 05/11/2017

Each person enjoys different way to soccer. There are those who like to see it, others play it in real life and many others like to play FUT 17. Every good football fan knows that football teams change month by month and year by year because of the new signings.
In the past, if a team did not have one of your favorite players, you had to wait for the next year's game to have a change. However, in FUT 17 we do not have to worry about that, since EA does it for you. Surely you noticed this when you started FUT 17 for the first time, since the game downloaded a patch to update the roster of all teams. However, if you believe there is a change that has not yet been made, we will tell you how to check it.
Updating the FUT roster 17
If what you are looking for is a completely up-to-date experience, just follow the following path:
- Customize> Edit Teams> Download updates
Ready! That's all you have to do. FUT servers will download the latest update (if one exists). In doing so, the 697 teams that exist in the game will be fully and completely updated.
However, if you still do not like this or EA has not yet released the latest patch, do not worry! Since you can make these changes by hand and change the alignments of all teams. Ah! We forgot. You can also change the official stadiums for each team from this menu.
We hope this tip will help you improve your experience in FUT 17. We also work hard to improve your experience of buy FUT 17 Coins from our site. Be free contact with us if you have any suggestions. See you in the next time!

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