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time 05/14/2017

What does FIFA 18 will offer us in different console? maybe being the referee of the match? We do not doubt that even some player would take advantage of this way to whistle all the time, increasing the controversy among friends. It may not be the most ethically correct, but it has been shown that this type of freedom is also the one that gives more hours of fun in video games such as GTA or Minecraft. 
FIFA 18 and its next presentation
After 24 seasons without rest, the FIFA video game series will surely have a new release in 2017, it s FIFA 18. What is not entirely clear is when this new title will be presented. Video games from the FIFA series are usually presented a few weeks before E3, an event that takes place in the city of Los Angeles in June.
 As we are on May, a little revelation is expected in the coming weeks, but it is also possible that Electronic Arts will wait until E3 2017, where yes or yes we will see this new video game.
So far, FIFA 18 only has come to see a kind of video on Nintendo Switch. EA has clarified that these images do not correspond to the final video game, even though it is evident that they have been created especially for the new Nintendo console (on the billboards appears the FIFA logo without any number). 
The different game versions
Electronic Arts itself has also confirmed that the version of FIFA 18 for Nintendo Switch will be different from the rest, so you can expect some new developments in the new Nintendo console.
PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, on the other hand, usually take the most complete version of Electronic Arts football, as well as they are always the ones with an unbeatable graphic section. In this sense, FIFA 18 could include the new 4K Xbox Scorpio and PlayStation 4 Pro, as well as new technologies of virtual reality. U7buy as the best ingame currency site will offer cheap FIFA 18 Coins for all platforms when it released. Welcome visit u7buy! 

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