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Introduction to Runescape 2007 Questing System

time 05/15/2017

Runescape 2007 quests are tasks that are given to players to complete for XP and various rewards. Some quests are needed to gain access to new areas or to unlock other quests. There are also minigames and miniquests that can only be started if players completed the prerequisite task first. A quest might involve multiple tasks. Depending on quest's requirements, players might finish it in minutes or hours. There are also longer quests that might take a couple of days. The current Runescape 2007 quests list has 130 entries. Free players have access to only 11 quests. The rest are available only to members. Quest points are included in the rewards list for completing quests. Free players can obtain 42 points. The maximum number of quest points that can be obtained in 252. Those who complete all quests also get a cape to show off their achievement. 
Completing quests is a normal Runescape 2007 activity. Players won't have too much trouble finding how to start a quest. All they have to do is check the mini map for the blue marker. That marker represents the starting location for a quest. Players can check out the journal tab to find out more about quests. They will notice that three colors are used to display quests. Green quests have already been completed. Yellow quests are quests in progress. Red quests are quests that are not yet started.
Runescape 2007 has three types of quests: series, subquests and miniquests. Quest series require players to complete quests in a certain order. As soon as one quest has been completed, players unlock another. Quest series are usually related to the story. Players will find quest series that take place in a certain game area. They will need to complete the series to unlock locations inside that area or to be able to enjoy area related features. Subquests are objectives that are part of another quest. They also reward quest points. Miniquests are completely optional as they don't count toward quest points progression. Players still complete them for the rewards and to find out more about what's happening in Gielinor. At last, welcome to u7buy when you need to buy Runescaoe 2007 Gold to do your quests.  

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