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Train Runescape 3 Skills With Challenges

time 05/19/2017

Runescape 3 players can train their skills using a system called challenges. The game has three kinds of challenges. Players can view their challenges in the adventure menu under the tab named challenges. 
Normal challenges or simply challenges are available for each skill. To check out what challenges are available, players have to go to the challenges tab and select a skill. It's important to note that only level appropriate challenges are displayed. All players have access to the same challenges. If a player doesn't see a certain challenge, that might be because of the skill level requirement. A challenge tasks Runescape 3 players with a mission such as collecting items or killing monsters. When players decide to work on a challenge, they will track its progress by pinning it. After completing a challenge, players get a visual notification. Players don't get rewards for completing challenges but they get XP while working towards a challenge. 
Daily challenges task players with assignments similar to normal challenges. They are called dailies because each player gets a new one every day no matter if they're online or offline. Not all players get the same daily challenge. Players don't need to pin them to check out their progress. The main difference between daily and normal challenges is that dailies do reward additional XP for completing them. Premium Runescape 3 players can have five active daily challenges at a time while free players can work towards two. 
Lucky challenges can only be completed by premium players. These special tasks can be given to players as they work on other missions or train skills. Players will immediately get a notification to let them know they've been assigned a lucky challenge. It's not possible to have more than one lucky challenge available per day. Related tasks are the same as for normal and daily challenges. Players get rewards for completing a lucky challenge. Runescape 3 lucky challenges are not available at the moment due to some technical issues. 

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